Narrador afro-británico Alim Kamara

Como en años anteriores, los alumnos/as de 1° a 5° año disfrutaron de una sesión de Narración de la compañía Dream On Productions, este año a cargo del narrador afro-británico Alim Kamara el miércoles 22/6 en turno tarde.
Pueden leer la reseña al pie, y también acceder a audios, fotos, videos y más información sobre el narrador en su sitio web:

Alim Kamara is a multi-award winning artist and speaker that spends time in schools motivating and inspiring people to go for their goals and dreams. When he is not in schools, he performs as a rapper.

Alim Kamara was born in the UK, but his family come from Sierra Leone where he spent a part of his childhood. Storytelling was a constant in Alim’s life: from sitting beneath the stars, listening to Griots in Sierra Leone, to then travelling to the UK and listening to hiphop artists like Tupac Shakur the rapper; Alim’s imagination was being primed for the role of keeping a great legacy going. His love for performing arts manifested through his formative years by providing family members entertainment emulating Michael Jackson’s dance moves, playing lead roles in school plays and even gaining an A grade in Drama. Alim Kamara has been doing storytelling since 2007 and works with all age groups. With his wide selection of storytelling and delivery techniques, he is able to deliver to all age groups and skill levels. Many of Alim’s stories were passed down to him from childhood. His other sources include books from all over Africa, Asia, and even the internet.

His sessions are fun and leave people wanting more.

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