El jueves 10 de abril por la tarde la especialista estadounidense Mrs. Susan Kvale dio a los alumnos una charla en inglés sobre prevención del tabaquismo: explicó los motivos que la inspiran en su lucha contra esta adicción, presentó argumentos sólidos, dialogó con los alumnos y demostró lo dañino que resulta el cigarrillo de manera muy pedagógica y con materiales didácticos sorprendentes. Para los alumnos resultó ser una experiencia muy positiva e inolvidable.

The talk was interesting. We learnt many things!
Elementary Level Students

People know that smoking is a very bad habit but smokers won’t listen. We think the talk was useful as we found out what cigarettes contain and the harmful consequences of smoking.
Intermediate Level Students

The talk was extraordinary and useful. Some of us are smokers and now we’re thinking of giving up. It was great to have Susan, because she was from the United States and we’re proud because we could understand the accent of a native speaker.

In our opinion, it was interesting because there were some things that she said about tobacco that we didn’t know. But we disagreed with other things she said, for example, that cigarettes are worse than drugs. We think that Mrs Kvale is not familiar with local drugs that are extremely harmful, such as “paco” so maybe that explains why she said that. In general we think the talk was very useful. The best part was when she sang the “Love Your Lungs” song!

FCE I Level Students

We think the talk was interesting and attractive. Her public speaking skills were extremely effective because she succeeded in catching everybody’s attention. We learnt a lot about tobacco and those of us who smoke will think it twice before lighting up a cigarette. The souvenir bracelets she gave us were a nice and thoughtful way of bringing the talk to a memorable close!

We thought the talk was very useful. Mrs Kvale brought along very eye-catching props in order to raise our awareness of the risks smoking brings about. The props we thought were most educational were the artificial lungs as they illustrated how harmful smoking can be. She seemed a most interesting and friendly person and we also enjoyed listening to a native American.

CAE I Level Students