Nicolás K., Nivel B2, Boston College, comparte con nosotros sus vivencias de su reciente viaje al Reino Unido:

My trip to the U.K.

This is the second time I have been to England. I travelled with my parents and a friend of theirs. It is a beautiful country.
My favourite city is London. It is amazing: very well-organised, the underground works perfectly and the buildings are very elegant and neat. However, this city is so big that some parts are an eye-sore as well. What I liked the most is the centre of London, where you can find important shops and impressive buildings.
In this trip I discovered a new hobby: visiting football stadiums. I went to eleven football stadiums all over the country: six in London, two in Liverpool, two in Manchester and one in Newcastle.

Moreover, I went to see Boca Juniors vs. Arsenal in London - they tied 2-2. While there, I met a Argentine friend, who loves football too, so we went to the stadiums together, a wonderful experience! I also visited other cities in England and Scotland - the landscapes were breath-taking. In the UK the language changes as you hear different regional varieties: the further north you go, the broader people´s accent is. For example, it was easier for me to understand people in Oxford than in Newcastle, and in Scotland, I could hardly understand anything! All in all, it was a really enjoyable trip, that I hope I will repeat soon.

Nicolás K. (Nivel B2, Boston College)

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