Sesión de Story-telling (narración)

Dada la buena respuesta del primer grupo de alumnos a la sesión de junio de la narradora británica Katrice Horsley de la compañía teatral Dream On Productions, el 6 de julio el resto del alumnado participó de una nueva sesión de narración, que disfrutaron mucho. Sitio web de Katrice Horsley

Extractos de cartas a Katrice de algunos alumnos:

Dear Katrice,
I really liked your stories. You gave us a positive message that sounds simple but is in fact quite deep and I'm sure it'll help many of us, including me. I think that we depend too much on what other people think of us, and that's not the way of enjoying life. I wish you the best and please keep spreading your positive message around the world.


Dear Katrice,
I really enjoyed your stories - you've got such a great personality. I liked the message you shared with us: to be our own storytellers. I agree with you that no one should tell you that you can't do something. The way you succeeded is an example of courage and perseverance. I hope you keep telling stories around the world and spread happiness!


I think you are very funny and you know how to get through to teenagers. I found the way you got round your problems brilliant. For me, you are an example of getting round problems even when everything looks black.


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