Boston College: Teatro, inglés y los sentidos

El viernes 7 de septiembre los alumnos del Nivel B2-4 de Inglés, como parte del eje temático "Arte y Entretenimiento", realizaron una salida didáctica, junto a su docente, Prof. Emilia González, a "Ciudad Cultural Konex", donde asistieron a la obra "La isla desierta" de Roberto Arlt, sobre la cual han estado trabajando en clase.

Algunos comentarios de los alumnos/as:

"Translating a play wasn't easy but we enjoyed it since it was a big challenge for us. We put all our enthusiasm into it and it worked very well. The blind theatre outing was amazing, we'd never been to one before and it was great fun. We'd certainly like to go again. We liked the idea of putting ourselves in others' shoes and to hear or feel a play instead of watching it."

"Through the translation exercise from Spanish into English we learned a bit how translation works and tons of new words. Attending a play in total darkness was a whole new experience, very imaginative and funny. We really enjoyed it and we hope to do it again!"

"We liked the theatre outing since this type of play was a completely new experience for us. It made us use all our senses (except for the sense of sight) and we became aware of what it feels like to be blind."

"Through this experience we learned new words and vocabulary. This was the first time we had experienced this type of play and it was awesome, although at times it was difficult to get used to not being able to see anything! We learned how blind people live and how they have to learn to use the other senses to manage through life. We had to use those senses as well in order to appreciate the play, and this was great."

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