Narradora e Investigadora Cristina Thomson de Grondona White visita Boston College

El martes 5 de abril la Prof. Cristina Thomson de Grondona White brindó a los alumnos de 1er y 2do año de Boston College, Dpto. de Inglés, la posibilidad de disfrutar y compartir sus opiniones respecto de la narración del cuento "Mr. Wah" por el actor británico Phil McDermott en un DVD de la compañía británica "The Story Spinner". Compartimos comentarios de alumnos y fotos.

Para deleitarse con otra historia de este narrador:

"The storytelling was good. I enyoyed it because you learn something for yor life or to share with other children. I loved it when the guy made different voices. It was great and clever." (Denise)

"I think that the story-telling was funny, and it's good for all ages because it has a lesson, so you can learn something very important for life: you have to share. (Jazmin)

"I think this story can be enjoyed by all kinds of persons. It was really great, entertaining and amusing because the storyteller's way of telling the story was professional and his facial expressions were quite realistic, as if his emotions were real. The dialogs were funny and the voices adaptations were cool!" (Cintia)

"The facial expressions of the man and his voices were very funny. This is good for all ages because it's funny." (Vicente)

"This story was very good and I liked the different voices the story-teller makes. And I liked all the onomatopoeias the teller makes, because they transport you to the story"

"I liked the facial expressions of the storyteller. It's a good activity for all ages." (Tomás)

"My opinion about the story of Mr. Wah is that Chungi Ling was very bad and what I don't like is that Chungi Ling was a bad person only when she was with Mr. Wah. The story can be enjoyed by all ages." (Mariano)

"Phil's facial expressions made the story more fun and easier to understand. I enjoyed it very much. I think everyone would enjoy it, because it is clear for any age." (Cecilia)

"Phil was very funny telling the story. It is a very good lesson for the people who don't "pass" stories. The story is suitable for all ages I think." (Nicolás)

"I liked it because it leaves a lesson: you have to share." (Delfina)

"I really liked the story, it was amazing. At first I thought I was not going to understand it, but I did. Maybe there were some words that I didn't understand but really I did, because the storyteller's facial expressions made it easier." (Victoria)

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